Buying a Bent Birch Farm puppy & Questionnair

At Bent Birch Farm we breed Pepper & Salt Giant Schnauzers for ourselves; to improve the breed, preserve the color, expand the gene pool, and always for that perfect "show" puppy. However, we can not keep them all. When it comes time to place our puppies we want to be sure it is with the right person/family and the right setting. To help us with that process please be sure to review the information on the "about our puppies" page and complete our questionnaire. When you press the SUBMIT button this information will be sent to us via email and will help us evaluate your specific desires and needs. Please press SUBMIT only once. We will respond as soon as possible. Serious inquiries are advised to telephone within a few days of questionnaire submission.

This exciting litter is a breeding from frozen semen. Wotan was known to be a healthy athletic Giant with superb conformation and disposition. He was imported from Germany by the Hopf family of Australia ( and was the beloved companion of Feli Hopf. In 2007 they were so very kind as to allow us to import Wotan's frozen semen so that we may allow his genes and legacy to live on.

His daughter Tessa born 2008 lived to be just 2 months shy of 13 as did 4 of her litter mates. She was a healthy happy charming lovely girl who tried her best at everything. Sadly we were unable to get her to conceive.