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Giant Schnauzer Did You Know?

The German name of the Giant Schnauzer is Riesenschnauzer, meaning "the giant."

The Giant Schnauzer should closely resemble the other Schnauzers, but it is important to remember that the three Schnauzers - Miniature, Standard, and Giant - are all distinct breeds that have simply developed to look very similar.

All Schnauzers had their origin in the neighboring kingdoms of Wurttemberg and Bavaria, agricultural sectors where dogs as farm help were in great demand.

Drovers, craving larger, more powerful dogs, interbred with other breeds, including the Great Dane, to achieve the Giant Schnauzer.

The Giant Schnauzer is in fact not a Giant breed but simply the largest of the Schnauzers.

Not until just before World War I did the Giant Schnauzer begin to come to nationwide attention in Germany as a suitable subject to receive police training at the schools in Berlin and other principal cities.

Giant Schnauzer History

The breed was originally developed in Germany as one of the three distinct Schnauzer breeds, Miniature, Standard and Giant. All Schnauzers had their origins in the neighboring kingdoms of Wurttenberg and Bavaria. These are agricultural sections where the raising of sheep and livestock were a major occupation. Livestock had to be driven to market, and the Schnauzer was the aid to the shepherd. For many years the Giant Schnauzer was called the Munchener, and it is widely known as a great cattle and driving dog. The breed was also used as a guard dog being in the possession of the butchers and the breweries.

During World War I the breed was recognized in Germany for its intelligence and trainability becoming one of the breeds utilized since for police training. 
          -Reprinted from AKC

Additional information on the history of the Giant Schnauzer can be seen at the website of Giant Schnauzer Club of America:
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