Our Mission

We are dedicated to the preservation of the Pepper & Salt
color while maintaining the true integrity of the
Giant Schnauzer breed. To that end, we strive to breed
only healthy, sound, intelligent, reliable dogs with
stable temperments.


I am Leslie Lehmann and have been involved in dogs all my life. At age 7 I helped deliver the first litter from an English Setter that was my father's hunting dog and also our family pet. She also became my first obedience victim and we earned a CD by the time I was 9. My mentor was my Aunt who bred Collies and showed in conformation but excelled in obedience. I begged my parents for a dog of my own and they finally agreed so I saved my money and bought an Irish Setter. I went on to conformation class and Junior Showmanship and did very well. I bred a number of Irish litters that produced several champions. I would also pet sit and/or groom dogs after school for extra money. During High school I worked for a boarding/training kennel and became involved with Working dogs and Schutzhund. I then became a Veterinary Technician and helped managed 4 animal hospitals in my home town for a few years. At that time, I had a Doberman and a Rottweiler that I worked in tracking and Schutzhund and got a CDX and TD on both plus conformation championships. I then returned to school to obtain my undergraduate degree which served as pre-med and the dogs became simply my pets and companions at that time. From there I moved to Metro-New York to go to medical school. I had always admired the English Bull Terrier and obtained my first, then my second, then ... and began showing and breeding again with much success. While in residency, I met my husband, Wayne, whose family had had miniature schnauzers all his life. While I loved the Bullies I thought it would be nice to have a more, shall I say "trainable" breed again, so we decided on Giant Schnauzers; a breed I have always admired. After much research we decided on the Pepper and Salt GS, the “original color”, which we found to be more interesting than the black (a purely personal preference mind you). Well, in any event, the rest is history.

Currently, I am a Family Medicine physician and show the dogs as often as I can.